My Mind Imprisons Memories

Yes, you read that right : IMPRISONS. Because keeping them is another story.

You know how normally, most people use their brains for all these awesome things, like art, music... well, mine is made up of rooms. Hundreds of thousands of rooms, and in each room, is a memory.

Do you know how you have all these beautiful memories in your head, such beautiful memories that made you so sure that they were what you lived for. I feel that these memories have been struggling to be set free. Fly to Neverneverland, or swim to Oblivion. Gone from sight.

Some memories I choose to be left without a lock. Some of them freely slip away from my mind. Some I haunt to remember, some I choose to forget. But some, some I have kept under "tight security", behind a vault-like door. Those are the ones I visit frequently. I try my best not to tarnish every single detail of these memories. The way you brush my hair off my face, the way you say my name, these things.

People tell me, "Move to another place, Abbie. You'll be happier there". But that's not the point, really. They don't see the point. Its not where I am, its who I want to be with that kills me.

Why am I not like you? Why can't I just look at the bright side? Instead I look back at the days we spent together, forgetting the world that existed outside the confines of the room we're in?

I wish I was like you, the way you chose to forget, the way you chose to move on, the way you blatantly ... decided. I don't even know what your decision is. Heck, I don't even know if you decided at all, actually. You're playing it so well. 

And yet, this stupid spark of hope is still ignited in me. Like a magic flame, hoping, wishing, hoping some more, wishing harder.

I don't know.
I just love you.
Still do.

And even if you take away these memories from my head, well, as cheesy as this is... the heart, the heart will never forget. Memories can be erased, but a feeling, a feeling can never be taken away from you.