It Only Takes A Few

(a.k.a. Exchange (9))

Two words from you after 16 days of silence. My screen lit up. Made a sound. Two words and then I froze.

"Hi Abbie". 

It was all it took to flush away the thoughts running in my head. What was I gonna wear tomorrow, Why didn't this Client reply to me, How about the event on September 12, When is my stock of Laban expiring, What was my name? 

I stared at my phone for a full minute.
I couldn't feel my heart and yet it was about to explode off of my chest.
My stomach was in knots. 
I dry swallowed what seemed to be a pill in the size of a Strepsil.

I replied, keeping it casual. Keeping it cool, trying to hide all traces of anxiety, of excitement, of longing. But I was hoping you could feel it all the way to where you were - the wanting, the needing, the extreme longing.

And then all these familiar feelings stirred up in me, like little babies left for days in a Nursery, wanting to be carried, like waves fighting to get to the surface. 

All these repressed emotions, I couldn't help but welcome. That peculiar smile on my face - the smile meant only for you, turned up while I cling to my phone underneath the sheets.

"So stupid."

"Like you."

"Yeah, I know right?"

Hey. You know I love you, right?