"God Was Somewhere Else"

I was watching one of the interviews of one of the Mayors after he visited Leyte. He opened with this remark. I dissent.

To say "Its Terrible" would be an understatement. There are no words for an ordeal like this. All these warnings, reminders, they did and possibly could not prepare us for anything like this. But God wasn't somewhere else. Understood, the Mayor was upset, he was emotional. But that was such a strong statement to say. And very, very disrespectful.

Do you not believe that it pained God to see His children suffering the way they did when the Typhoon hit the Philippines?

There are times when God could do miracles, and there are times when God can only do so much - the rest is up to us. 

"Why?", you ask? 

I don't know. Only God knows. Maybe its easy for me to say this because I'm not there, I didn't lose a loved one from the Storm Surge, I didn't lose a home, I have not starved for the past couple of days - maybe it IS easy for me to say. But I have had my share of loss, I have dealt with the pain of losing someone I loved dearly, practically watched her life taken away. I know its different from the kind of loss people are dealing with now, but we must NEVER, EVER doubt God's presence in our lives. Because most of the time, when we "feel" like He is far from us, try asking yourself who moved.

I admit, I have not been feeding my Spirit as much as I used to, as much as I need to and want to, but God has never left me. He is always there, He is always reaching out His hand, but I have shied away from Him. And that is not something to be proud of.

I know God is capable of so many things. He could have stopped the Typhoon. He could have made it milder than it is. But that's not what happened. We cannot blame God for that. He knows suffering the same way we do, don't you ever forget that.

Call unto Him. 
It is the only way we could all be helped and saved.
Pray. Do your part. If you cannot give, PRAY. Praying is Giving.