The Epitome

He looked around the Diner. People didn’t notice how they were arguing. They were pretty good at keeping things discreet. 

“No, that’s not why you’re sad.

You’re sad because no one’s ever looked at you like they see through you. You know, like they know you – all of you, all your dark corners, all the cracks in your head. Like how the beautiful mess that you are drives them nuts that they want to consume you right at that moment.  Like its love, and lust. So much lust, and love, and lust, and passion. Like they couldn’t wait to feel everything that you are, like being in you makes them feel what you feel, makes them know what you know, makes them see what you see. They want it all. They want you. You’re sad because you’ve never had that.

THAT’S why you’re sad”