Bounds, Boundaries

I saw Blue Is The Warmest Color yesterday. It was one of the movies that I saw until the credits rolled out. Up until the end. I stared blankly at the TV Screen, taking a few minutes before stating the already obvious fact : "I love it."

The raw feel of the entire film, as well as the genuine acting of the actresses, blew me away. 

And yet I sit here, typing away my feelings and I feel like crap because it doesn't do the movie justice.

It explores Human Sexuality, and well - as you already know, mostly in a Woman's POV. I don't know why but I could just relate to the whole thing. I've always known I had these tendencies but never had the opportunity to feed that side of me because, well... I guess I wasn't curious enough, or probably because it is too impossible for me to hook up with Kate Moss, who is the only one I consider to be with, if that ship ever sails. But then again, here I am presented with Adèle Exarchopoulos (sure, Léa Seydoux is smoking hot. I've noticed that since I saw her in "Les Adieux à La Rein", but man).

Loves knows no gender. And how blind it is, man, I cannot even explain.

Isn't it strange how love can make you feel limitless when you're with that one person, but also, after it tragically ends, limit you to everything else outside of that relationship?