I couldn't be any more proud of my friend Saab. We try to hang out everytime I'm home, and it feels like nothing's ever changed. In spite of her awesomeness and success, she's still the same old Fcukstain (as we fondly called each other back in the day) I met in 2005.

And so you can only imagine how proud I am of this Woman. You hear her voice and you see her on stage, and you know she was born to do this, not only because it's in her blood, but because she's amazing like that, in her own light and right (and not to mention, she's armed with awesome band mates. Hello Cholo, I've admired you since that Saguijo gig I saw you in, right before UDD came on stage, teehee).

YAY, CHEATS! Listen to their other single, "Newspaper Girl" - also one of my favorites!