Four Forty Seven

Time Check. Who cares, the Sun's about to rise. Been quite inactive with my baby (a.k.a. this blog) because my other baby (a.k.a., my Laptop) hasn't been in full functioning mood for the past what, 3 months? I call it "mood" because I feel like it really has been very moody. Yes, on purpose. But thank God for friends who used to work in Apple. YAY, I didn't have to shell out what could have been a thousand to have this repaired (like I have that much money these days, duh).

So here's a photo of me and my Baby as soon as we got home. We bought it a pretty new crystal case too! In Turquoise... or Sea Green? 

So I'm not sure I've told all y'all what I've been up to lately? I am jobless, yet again. But God willing not for long. Just recently I was depressed, yet again, because I was going through another mid-life crisis. I didn't know what the hell I was doing with my life. I felt like I had no direction whatsoever. Like Cher Horowitz, during the time when breaking in her purple clogs is what constitutes an important part of the day.

Don't get me wrong though, breaking in shoes are very important. But you know what I mean. It could be very intimidating to see friends who are younger than me yet already have a very tight grasp on the reality of life, and what they wish to do with it. Is it because I did not pay attention on Career Planning 101 in College?

I've had the urge to go back to Fashion Blogging, and my newfound friend Anton actually pep-talked me into starting fresh, but I have yet to fix my space! 

My mind is very cluttered - like my flat. But I surely did miss blogging like this. I've been spilling feels all over the place. Not cool.

Don't you miss the days before Twitter existed? I hate it sometimes, how we turned our backs against blogging and resorted to micro-blogging. How we should fit all these things into a hundred and forty characters and lose the essence of our stories and rants and whatever.

Alright. I should go to bed.
Or whatever.


  1. But you look so great here though...that smile will be the end of me :)

  2. Jobless? Not to worry Abbie, It's just always a sign of new opportunity...never endings just new beginnings :)