Panclarks? Panclarks.

Had Brunner (Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner) at IHOP today with Drew. I had the Big Steak Omelette, which of course, came with Buttermilk Pancakes.

It was delicioso. Went home and then took a short nap, and went on a downloading spree. I am now on an Awkward Marathon. Matty McKibben still gives me the chills. As soon as I'm done downloading all my missing episodes of The Mindy Project, I'm getting on that train too.

I just remembered that brief moment earlier today, while we were about to leave the Restaurant - I stuffed my iPad in my bag and appreciated how beautiful life was. I don't know. I'm currently jobless (again, hopefully not for long), and I've been staying at home so much, and... there is just so much going on in my life, but I felt really blessed.

It's always the little things. Isn't it?