(a.k.a. Exchange 19)

6:00 A.M. and heavy eyes, she turned to lie on her back and stare at the ceiling, then to her left. Empty.

And yet hours ago, the space between her and the edge of the bed was filled by another person, whose arms were around her. She watched him fall asleep. She watched him struggle not to snore. She would turn and move in hopes of waking him, but whenever she did, he would tighten his grip around her.

She laughed.

He'd wake sometimes, he'd nuzzle her, he'd kiss her bare shoulders, and she would turn to him and find her usual spot between his neck and chest, feeling his breath on her forehead.

This is and will be known to be one of the many times they drift off together. 

She wakes and stares at him and would kiss him repeatedly, until he falls from the clouds and back to her bed. 

He smiles. He smiles without opening his eyes and yet he knows that hers are on him. He covers her eyes, but that doesn't work. 

And then they kiss.

Soon enough she realises it's half past 6:00 and she needs to get up.

And yet she swears, as soon as she looks back at her regular sized bed, she sees herself and him as they continue to again...finish, what she knew wasn't finished before they had drifted off to sleep.

Finished, is something she knew they would never be.