I imagine you sitting across me from the Dining Table
And you reach your hand out to me.
I shudder at the contact
The moment my skin feels yours.

I imagine you nuzzling my forehead
As you run your hands through my hair.
I smile at the silence
The moment your hand rests on my back.

I imagine you clutching me tighter
As I try to pull away from your embrace.
I giggle at the exasperation
The moment I chose to surrender.

I imagine you kissing me
At the time my words have been replaced and reduced by sobs

And I
The softness
The harshness
Of your lips
Fighting mine
Joining mine
As I fought
As I struggled

And at that moment
I knew
This was your way of telling me
That you felt
That you understood
Every single feeling and sensation

Of pain
Of fear
Of suffering

And the softness
And the harshness
Of your lips
Tell me
Words and things and feelings
Not of this world

I imagine you sleeping next to me
As you dream your little dreams
I cry at the miracle
The moment I finally

Saw myself
In you.