If my life were a movie, at this point I would be the drunkard with no life, waiting for *that* moment which would change my life forever. And then it ends on a happy note, reassuringly saying that things won't be perfect but it would be ... Peachy from thereon out.

But it's not. This is the real world, where I've sort of done my part to make *that* moment happen. But it just won't. 

And it's gotten to a point where I wake up every single day asking myself how much longer before I don't have to open my eyes anymore.

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  1. Hi Abbie,

    First of all I want to let you know that your are not ALONE. I too experience this sometimes. we might not have the same situation but i also feel what you feel. I'm a fan of your blog ever since you started blogging. You have shared your life with us. Your victories,happy moments,defeats,sad moments. You even have a VLOG right? You've come a long way Abbie for you to give up or to feel sorry or sad. God won't put you there if he thinks you can't go through it. It's been a long and wonderful journey. Don't give up Abbie. You are important. You're life is important. You are a beautiful and strong woman. I hope you have a blog meet up here in Manila or something hehe! so you can talk to your readers like me. I'd be glad to be a listening ear or a friend to you. Keep the faith. Everything will be alright. Hang in there. We are praying for you.