Friday's Ten Happy Things.01

Finally joining the Bandwagon! Boy, hasn't it been awhile since I'm this giddy sitting in front of the computer, thinking of happy things that made me smile this week. As you know, I've been dumping all my /wrist posts in this blog, so why not balance it out by spreading good vibes sometimes? Thanks to my wifey Helga, who basically introduced me to this weekender ritual.

And I would be blabbering on for an hour before getting to it, so I should just, yeah, here goes :

1. ANOTHER PERIOD. When I dove in, the show was already in it's 5th episode. I was so obsessed that I ended up watching all 5 episodes about ten times that day. Since seeing it, I knew that my level of dumb and crazy made me a fitting Bellacourt. And then Lilian's second name is Abigail, so there's that.

2. BLOGGING. Resurrecting my Blog was one of the best decisions I made this year. I forgot what it was like to be in a love/hate relationship with HTML, and honestly, I ended up crying while trying to figure it out. 

3. BEING BROKE. Ever since I found myself in this situation (something I don't really want to disclose in public, but not to worry - all is well), I always saw it a blessing in disguise because I knew I was going to learn a lot from the whole experience. Of course I won't be a hypocrite to say that it isn't hard and that I don't hate it (it is hard, and I do hate it), though I can't charge anything to my dead credit card, I could at least charge it to experience.

4. HEART EVANGELISTA. This week, Heart replied to me twice on Instagram. If you're reading my blog for the first time (Hello, by the way!), then now is probably the best time for me to tell you I am the biggest Heart Evangelista fan there is. 

5. LOSING BELLY FAT. Another upside to being broke is being able to stay within my allowed calorie intake per day. I don't know how I do it, but I sort of disciplined myself to a.) Not over-indulge (meaning I don't let myself go into my ~favorite~ state : food coma) and b.) Work-out 5 if not 6 days a week. And voila, I can now see my hip bones! I just want Kendall Jenner's torso, guys.

6. JADINE. Because, oh my goodness like I even need to explain why. I'm a fan of all these *~loveteams~*, I also like KathNiel and LizQuen and I hate it when their fans hate on each other. You can love them all if you want. I live a peaceful life. I am proof that it is possible. Why do you have to compare them all the time? I know not all people like Daniel Padilla, but that doesn't make me a terrible person with terrible taste if I do. If I'm being honest, Enrique is a more problematic fave for me because I don't like the way he acts but hey, I like him anyway. Life is simple, you know. 

7. NATALIE MERCHANT. I was watching Season 6 of Parks and Rec when I heard Leslie use "Kind and Generous" as her background music on her Friendship Slideshow for Anne. And this song just brought back a lot of happy, High School memories.In fact, I'm listening to it while typing this post.

8. MAYA. Maya is one of my Soulmates who I was blessed to meet in 6th grade. It wasn't until Sophomore Year that we ended up to be close friends all the way to right now and forever. She left for the Philippines two weeks ago and this week, I found out she'd be back for awhile and I am surely going to hug the heck out of her. I was pretty much jealous of the Philippines because Maya's in it. And no, it's not the other way around. 

9. CLEAN SHEETS. Changed my sheets this week! How can you not be thankful for the little things? 

10. THE FUTURE. Little by little, I'm getting a confirmation on what my life will be like in 2016. And I could not be more excited. And scared. It's the best feeling ever. Which I will hopefully be able to share with you, God willing.

And that's it! There's quite a handful more but I'll probably just type it for next week's. That's how it works, right? Yes? YES. Enjoy your weekend, Kids.



  1. I really need to start Another Period!!! I'm almost done with The Office S2 so maybe I'll take a break and watch AP before S3.


    1. OMG WIFEY YOU SHOULD!!!! The finale just aired yesterday, I AM SURE YOU WILL LOVE IT. It's also Mindy-approved! Hahahaha!

      I saw nga on your Twitter! Sana ako din, SANA I GET TO SEE JAMES REID IN PERSON HUHU MAMAAAAAAA I WANT ONE PO