Friday's Ten Happy Things.02

(Now with pictures! Because Belle may be right, but sharing and seeing photos is fun, too!)

1. FREEDOM. Little by little, I am coming to terms (for real, this time) with accepting who I am, even if that means I tend to like things most people don't, even if that means I'm the type of person who rants on Twitter (because nobody wants a wet blanket, right? I sure don't, but I am one for the most part, and I have to live with myself on a daily basis, so there's that), even if I know I could be really annoying. Even if I say "I love this, I love that, I love *insert name / event / thing / random word here* A LOT, because I actually do LOVE A LOT OF THINGS. I'm so done fighting who I am. All my faves are problematic, but what did Dave Grohl say about guilty pleasures again? I'm just DONE WITH APOLOGIZING FOR THE PERSON I AM. That Dear Diary post was so difficult for me to publish because people who don't really know me would end up being very judgmental. I mean, I'm actually judging myself for feeling that way, but I've always said that I should keep it as real as possible, especially to my future self (who will be reading these posts over and over next week). I can be petty sometimes - I believe I have good reasons, and sometimes, looking back at posts like that teach me a lesson : that some problems really ARE petty and though I have what I believe are valid reasons, I should be able to rise above them and try my best to rectify what needs to be rectified and leave the rest to God.

2. SNAPCHAT LIVE. Wednesday's Snapchat Live Feed was titled "Around  The World" and I was psyched that it included Kenya because IT IS BEAUTIFUL. Don't get to see that a lot. Among the other Cities were Dubai, Japan, New York and France. It was so inspiring. My favorite snap was taken by a Woman from Sudan who is currently residing in Dubai, saying something like, "In Dubai, all Nationalities come together", and then three other girls with her start stating where they're from. It's beautiful. And it's true - Dubai has such a diverse range of people. You can't help but admire what feels like all of Earth's populace walking in Dubai Mall / to Burj Khalifa / JBR / Basically everywhere.

3. CUSTOM NOTIFICATIONS. Decided to be very firm with being picky in terms of, gee, I don't know, knowing my "priorities"? Those red bubbles on the side of your app can be very irritating to see. I feel like they're putting a LOT of pressure on me. What if I want to drink water first? And maybe breathe? And maybe pee before I open the app? Goodness. CUT ME SOME SLACK, APPS! CUT ME SOME SLACK.

4. iCOMIX. Drew has gotten back to his old habit of reading Comics and he got me sucked in to the craze. He downloaded the gorgeous Archie reboot for me as well as "The Best of Archie Comics" because who the hell didn't grow up reading Archie and thank God for this app! He's trying to get me to read the Injustice Comics Series too and I just might. I also asked a couple of awesome people on the Internet (hello, Tumblrfriends currently reading this post, you know who you are!), and got awesome suggestions (OF COURSE), and I can't wait to feast my eyes on the goods. Happy that I'm finally trying to make good use of this time I have to myself. I was worried I'd have to sync them through iTunes and my Laptop is (as I have said repeatedly) busted again, but nope! Works with Dropbox. UH-MAH-ZING. I mean, I screencapped this strip of Betty and used it as my Twitter Cover Photo because DUH, it's the mood I'm wearing these days if you haven't noticed. Not much hate, really. So much anger and intolerance, is all.

5. iTUNES CARD. Because Drew gave me my monthly allowance (he's so generous, he makes me cry. I didn't even ask!), he treated me out to Dinner and stuffed our faces silly and then I went to recharge my Apple Account. Girl knows the importance of having Apple Money! If I have extra munniez I'm going to buy the $50.00 card because I want to buy ALL the Twilight Saga OSTs. I have a couple of songs on my other phone and I do have the entire album on my Laptop but *chimes with self* it is busted.

6. CHEATS. I was nagging Saab to save me a copy of their CD endlessly and was so scared I'd run out, but thanks to Number 6, I get to buy their album off iTunes! I've seen Cheats perform live numerous times and I'm not being biased but they are pure joy on stage. AND THIS ALBUM IS EVERYTHING I HOPED IT WOULD BE. Sleepist is my current favorite, and of course, Newspaper Girl forever! You should definitely get your copy too! HERE, HERE, HERE!

I know. Slow internet is slow.

7. THESE GUYS. If you've been reading my boring blog for years, you'd know I became super close friends with these stupid people. We haven't really hung out like this for a LONG time because LIFE HAPPENED but thankfully we found the motivation to hang out like this again. We've had different patterns of getting together but nothing beats alone time like this. They're still the loves of my life and we still laugh like there's no tomorrow when we're all together. 

8. THIS CAKE. This is actually a stock photo I took of the Toasted Marshmallow Cake (with Grahams, OMNOM) from the Cheesecake Factory. I like eating there a lot because the food is SO GOOD, but I come back for this baby ALL THE TIME. Was able to take me a slice home and I can't wait to get it all over my mouth on Cheat Day. GUYS, IT IS INSANE. This is the ONLY cake I order from TCF since it was introduced to me by our awesome Waiter when it wasn't even officially on the menu yet earlier this year. I would usually have the White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle or the Mango Key Lime Pie or the Hershey's Chocolate Lover Cheesecake but GUYS. THIS IS INSANELY GOOD. GUYS. IT IS INSANE. GUYS, GUYS. GUYS.

9. RECONCILIATION. Upon moving to Jeddah back in '97, my family became very close with another Filipino Family, and they ended up becoming a part of our (and in no exaggeration), daily lives. They had a Daughter (one of two out of eight kids, if I remember correctly, but she was the only one living with them here) who is eight years my junior but became one of my closest friends. She slept over my place a lot and we always fought but it was what made our bond stronger, as proven by Science and almost every film in the 80's. During what I could say was the darkest time of my life (hopefully that was that, NO MORE, please), I sort of cut ties with a lot of people because I wanted to be "left alone". Wouldn't go into much detail, but I haven't seen them in years. This week, my Tito gave me a call, and instead of doing what I believe to be one of the skillz I excel in (which would be ghosting ... I'M SORRY, I'm a terrible person sometimes and my introversion is extreme), I took a deep breath and answered the call, then realizing how much I missed them. I felt so much better after catching up, like nothing happened. You could say, they know me well enough. I wasn't placed in a corner to explain my actions, I don't know why I forgot that. It was so relieved that we were all back in each other's lives, and that we are taking it a day at a time.

10. THIS PHOTO. Here's the back story : When I met my Tumblrpeoplez for the first time after about 5 years of being internet friends, I asked Mij to edit me in a photo that I wasn't in because it was taken after I had left. Of course, I ended up receiving this photo :

And then, it sort of became a thing, he did promise that I would be included in future photos whenever they meet. So imagine my glee when I saw this today :

Obviously. My Friday is made.
Thank you, Mij. Looking forward to the next ones until I'm finally with you all IRL! Hahaha! I'm so happy!!!

And, I spoke too much didn't I? I enjoyed this week's events though. On one of Shay Mitchell's Video Blogs, her friend asked her why she liked saying "This is the Best Day Ever" everyday, and she said something in the lines of , "Because it is, and I intend to say that everyday". 

I'm trying to live by those words too. Operative word being the second one in that sentence.

Life is awesome when you have Cake in the Fridge.
Happy Weekend, Kids.