Sunday Currently, 9.27

Sandman Vol. 01

Just done writing an entry about a dream I had.

Dustin O'Halloran's Opus 23

About what we're having for Dinner!

The Cheddar and Sour Cream flavored Ruffles I just stuffed my face with.

We'd still have the energy to actually go out to have Dinner like normal human beings.

I could find the motivation to start working on what I need to start working on.

This cheap "El Capitan" shirt I got for PHP 100.00 from Ruins in BF Homes.

My current state of serenity. Knowing myself, it won't take very long before I relapse back to my worrysome, paranoid self.

A $50.00 iTunes card! I need to buy new filters for my Hipstamatic Camera, also the new Lana Del Ray album, and Magic Mike XXL's OST!

/Happy Dance/

Quite hopeful.
Quite terrified.


What Happened?

It was a decent house, surrounded by trees. It was white and made of Wood, had several floors - maybe two. 

Everyone else was leaving, I was watching their silhouettes dance around in the forest next to the Porch - all, except for you, slouched on the floor, bag in hand. I smiled after finding you, but I already knew where you were. I mean, my heart did. I half-closed the door, knelt down next to you, and leaned in for a kiss. You turned the other way, evading me completely. I froze, still pouting. "Just one", I said. "Not now", was your response, to which you continued with "It's not the right time". Deep down I knew it was a risk to be taken. I didn't expect much, but it doesn't mean it didn't hurt. It hurt like hell.

Outside, your Cousin stood still, I was quite unsure if he was watching us from the reflection on the cabinet mirror opposite the door. I walk past him anyway, pretending that nothing happened, asking him if he had everything he needed.

And then I woke up.
Feeling rejected in real life.
Then I'm rejected in a dream.

Just when I thought the Sandman and I were already good friends.
Then again, that's how we started, right? Before you royally screwed me over.
Before I let you. Before I let me. Before I let us.
Before we savored every second of it.

Can you not leave me like this?

Usually I would mention this - about having a dream, or a bad dream, and you were always the first one to ask.

"What happened?"

I'm answering a question that isn't even being asked.
I get by, pretending it is.
Hopefully one day I won' t have to.
Hopefully one day you will.



Friday's Ten Happy Things.06

My gosh, can I apologize for how late this is? But I think you know - that's my charm. Similar to last week, mine was pretty rough, emotionally speaking. Roller Coaster, as usual. But alas, look at all the amazing things I was blessed with this past week. STOP BEING A WET BLANKET, ABBUDAB.

1. CAUGHT UP WITH THESE CLOWNS. I haven't seen them in months, so I placed my Introversion on pause, went and had a nice, simple dinner with them at Karlo's house, and then swam for an hour at the Compound pool. 

2. SWAM WITH THE GIRLS. I spent a day with my former colleagues / forever family at the Village and I made use of our GoPro for the first time in a Pool. I also got my Bronze back! Damn, I finally found the best Tan Deepener EVER. My tan never looked this good, I'm telling you.

3. HUNG OUT WITH THESE GUYS. See, Nof was craving for Sushi and asked us out to Dinner. But thanks to this guy (see left-most corner of photo below), who ended up too lazy to drag his ass out of bed, changed plans last minute and invited us over to his house and mind you, also asked us to bring food where we spent the rest of the evening until past midnight. We didn't end up having Sushi. But Pizza, 7amdiyat, M3sel and these faces are all I need in this life of sin. Lelz.

4. SMOKY PALETTE, FINALLY. I don't know how many times I've put off getting it. I don't, then I regret it. So when Drew threw me my allowance (he literally throws it to me, it's awesome), I used it to get me this baby. And I think this is all the eye make-up I need in the world. I'm a simple girl, really. The only make-up I do on my eyes is the Smoky lewk. It's been that way since College and I like it best on myself so I never really thought of trying anything else. I've experimented with pastels and corals and greens and blues, but nothing gets me like the Smoky. Smoky all day, all year. Even during Summer. I don't know why I keep buying a lot of them (Eyeshadows), when I end up getting the same hues and shades. All Brown. All Nude. All Black. But they're beautiful.

5. SHOOT WITH FAHAD AYYAD. If you're based in the Middle East, you must have already heard of this great, great, great Photographer. Ever since my friend Loji tagged me on one of his posts, I became an instant fan of his. Do check him out on Instagram (@fahadayyadphoto). It was a dream come true when he asked me to model for him. I CAN'T EVEN. Also, I was so happy seeing how my legs looked that day. Kind of a motivation for me to keep doing what I'm doing. Fahad and I both uploaded a couple of the photos on Instagram (wearing clothes from Acid Banana - @acid.banana) - I'm in love with all the photos he sent me, it was so hard trying not to flood. The struggle is real.

6. LUNCH WITH MY PEOPS. Yousuf (right-most on bottom-right photo below) has been a good friend of mine all these years. And thanks to him, most of our meet-ups wouldn't even happen. He treated us out to Lunch this week, including people I barely get to see (and miss and love), it was awesome. Not to mention, because Yousuf knows the best way to make my belly happy - PIZZA FUSION. 

7. BEST GEL POLISH ... EVER. I'm very maarte when it comes to my Nails. I hoard A LOT of Lacquers (recently I'm all about the Nudes and French Tips), and of course you know that GEL POLISH is a gift from the gods, but I never really found the one that lived up to its name, until this week. SAR 70.00 a pop, and deep down I was like "this better be worth it", and hot damn it is. Maya, if you're reading this - we found it, Baby! Hahaha!

8. NOF IN DUBAI. If you're on my Instagram/Twitter, you probably know who Nof is. We're basically Sisters. The fact that she was able to take a much-deserved break meant a great deal to me as well. I just wanted her out of Jeddah so she could have fun and laugh and smile the way she used to. Her happiness is mine, even if I wish I could've been with her, it's more than enough for me that she's having the time of her life. I made her a collage too! Do you see how hot she is? Say "MashaAllah!".

9. THIS PHOTO OF MINDY AND CHRIS. Like I even need to explain why? P E R F E C T.

10. THIS EPISODE OF OTWOL. And basically each episode this week. I love them so much. JaDine FOREVER!

Hope you had an amazing Weekend. Was planning to shoot a Video Blog for Sunday Currently but if I don't have time, I'll probably just publish an entry and shoot the Video Blog next time.

Hugging you.

Ditz Revolution


Chasing Our Tails

I'm trying to remember what it's like, moments before I'd receive a message from you. I'm trying to remember the usual things I'd do, my heart rate. What my thoughts were. But then nothing. 

All I could remember was how everything else disappeared, blurred in the background, shoved in the dark - all I know are those moments. Your "Hey", or "Hi", or whatever you decide to say first. Whatever weapon you choose to break the numbing silence, to stretch out to the distance.

But you keep taking me back here, to this hole, to this rut. And I don't know how much longer I have to wait this time, or if you're ever coming back. Why do you keep doing this to me, why do I let you, why have I given you so much power? Why am I so weak around you?

I've asked myself these questions, sometimes you, but from a distance, in silence - for years. But boy, do I like it. I realized I must like it - because I can never seem to stop. You, or myself, from going around in circles. Said it before and I'll say it again - you like giving me wings, but you also like cutting them off. I wonder who's more of the sadist between us.

I don't know how to deal with this sadness. I'm tossing and turning in bed, I'm restless. I feel like I'm about to lose it. I close my eyes and I see your face. And I want them to stay closed, until I know they would meet yours when I open them.

Of all the people I couldn't unlove, it had to be you.

Restless again.
I've paced around my room, singing this song, and I'm restless again.

How do I do this?
Tell me.
It feels like I'm drowning.
It feels like I'm sinking deeper.
And it keeps going, and I'm struggling, and I'm running out of breath but I don't.
It doesn't feel like I'm ever getting to the bottom.
I'm just sinking.
And I'm crawling out of my skin.

I'm banging my head on the wall.
And I'm choking.
I'm losing my breath.

What do I do.
Just hold me.
I've let myself go, but I've never lost grip of your hand.
I've let myself go, so don't let me.
The only way I know I'm here is because you are.
I've never ached as much for another.

I close my eyes and I see your face.
"What do we do now?" I ask. "We stay here", you say.
Where is here? I bury my head in my hands.

And I wait.
I wait 'til I feel your hands on my face.
Until you raise my head up for you to kiss me.

And I wait.
And I cry.
And I wait.
And I long.


Friday's Ten Happy Things.05

Can I just say, I'm really thankful that my wifey Helga came up with something like this. I mean, I'm having a rough week, emotionally - but I feel compelled (in the best way) to think about the littlest, simplest (which is usually the best) of things that made me smile this week. Hope that more people who still blog like this would join us. 

1. THE MINDY PROJECT. I mean c'mon. Have you seen Season 4's Pilot? THAT IS HOW IT IS DONE, MY FRIENDS! And the best part is, I get to watch it on Tuesdays now. And Tuesday is my favorite day!

2. iOS 9 UPDATE. I didn't like the interface at first but it's growing on me, especially the font! I was hesitant to update right away but you know how I feel about those notifications. Ugh.

3. OTWOL. Because fudgedarnit, like do I even need to explain why? This week's episodes are all fire. I see James Reid's face and I just can't. I can't. I can't. It's bringing out the Teenager in me, but who am I kidding - I'm never not a Teenager.

4. MINDY FOR SHOPBOP. I mean, look at this Woman. How can you not love her. I fell in love with all the photos on the website, I immediately changed my old Mindy (phone) wallpaper to this :

5. ALLOWANCE! Drew threw me a bill today. SO HAPPY BECAUSE MY WALLET ISN'T EMPTY ANYMORE. /happy tears/

6. PIZZA FUSION. My intense, intense craving was put to rest when Drew gave in to my constant whining for a full hour that we get Pizza for Dinner even if it wasn't Cheat Day. I can be a total bitch when my stomach is in full control of my whole being. I don't care, the stomach wants what it wants. Look at this baby. Mmm. Yes. Get in my belly.

7. MY WORKOUT & DIET PROGRAM. Tailored for me by Drew, by the way, and it's really working! I'd post a photo of what I've achieved so far but probably next time when things are more visible. I can't not be proud of it, I've worked so hard.

8. A SONOGRAM OF MY GODDAUGHTER. One of my childhood best friends tweeted me a photo of her Sonogram and it's still one of the most surreal things ever. I'm so happy for us.

9. MERCURY RETROGRADE. I think I'm being sarcastic but it's also all about perspective! 3 Weeks of this? BRING IT ON! But wait, umm lemme gather my weapons first. This is going to be interesting. I shoved all my apps (except Instagram) into a corner, labelled "Sshhh" because I don't want to go on a rant-spree when things get too intense. My emotions are WAY cray. WAY. CRAY.

10. OVERCOMING A WAR. With myself, as usual. I was so close, but I slapped myself in the face. It's good, it's all good. Thank You, God.

Good things coming, you guys. Let's try our best to be as optimistic as possible. Enjoy the Weekend! Spread the love!

Ditz Revolution


Dear Diary

If I had a decent balcony (mine's full of boxes and dust), you'd probably find me there now with a couple of cans of Heineken and maybe a stick or two of Dunhill Menthols (the one with 'clickable filter') - definitely want to smoke right now...You know what? I will.

Found a dusty box of Vogues left by an old colleague in our office drawer. I took it home with me years ago. Thought I'd finished them all - turns out, there are 5 sticks left.

I took a step back today and looked at my life.
Looked at myself sprawled across the bed.
It's pretty good. This is all pretty good.

Threw a fit today because I wanted to have Pizza so bad.
Drew obliged. God bless him. It's not even our Cheat Day but I couldn't help myself.
It's also probably why I'm so optimistic today. My belly is refilled with Pizza and Soda.
Food always gets me.

Trying to make peace with the quiet. We're all always finding ways to kill silence, aren't we? It's such a scary place to be in, when you've nothing left but yourself and the voices in your head to fend. There's no one online. No notifications. Even your online self is dead. Thank God for this blog. People you used to talk to are too busy with work. Some, you've been avoiding on purpose.

Went through my old external hard drives and ugly cried yesterday after watching a video of me talking about my Birthday and how I spent it in an Emergency Room with my Mother who was undergoing Chemotherapy at the time. You think you're okay with something and you forget that you're just pretending how okay you are, until you realize that you aren't and how much of your life is a lie when it comes to the level of okay.

Today was kind of the opposite. I laughed so much, unearthing videos of me and Drew killing time at the Karaoke Booth in Timezone (Alabang Town, a.k.a. our "Second Home" back in the day). Oh my gosh. IT WAS PURE GOLD.

Hoping I'm this optimistic tomorrow.


Sunday Currently, 9.13

They're Not Like Us Vol. 1

Still working on that Body Positivity / Love post. It's quite long already but I still have thoughts that I'm sure I'd like to include.

To Clueless playing in the background.
Stop it, you're making me blush.

If I made the right choice going with my favorite shade of Red in terms of Nail Lacquer. I want to do French Tips on my nails and just leave the red on my toes. Why am I so fickle-minded?

The Clear Gel polish on my nails.

I could make up my mind in the next 5 minutes.

THE CLEAR GEL ON MY NAILS ARE BUBBLING AND IT SUCKS. I hope it doesn't get worse when it's totally dried up.

A Topshop T-Shirt ... and my underthings.

The fact that I still have about 400 Calories left that I could consume tonight.


To have my Laptop fixed because I want to shoot more Video Blogs and also I had this idea I thought of doing before and I have the drive to work on it.

Half full, half hungry.
Grabbing Cake from the fridge.



When did the word "HATER" become such a big deal? I don't know. But I wish it didn't.  I'm not presenting a million-dollar idea, or How-To successfully avoid Haters, but I have a lot of feelings, you know?

And no, I'm not actually talking about people who hate on me, but basically HATERS IN GENERAL. I couldn't stand ALL THIS NEGATIVITY. I'm a Hater myself but I only hate on people who actually HAVE hated on me, and on people who do cruel things to Animals. I'm just sick of all the petty hate people are spreading online. Does that negate the purpose of this entry? I hope not.

On the recent VMAs, you could see people tweet a lot of "serious hate" on a lot of the Artists. I mean, I don't really like Kanye as a, I won't say "person" because I don't know him personally, but I don't like, hmm, how do I put this? I don't like his "public persona" (?) - But I do like, actually LOVE him as an Artist. I've said it before, hate him or love him - you can't deny that the Man is crazy talented.

I don't know why I'm so affected. I saw a girl's tweet calling Miley a whore for her outfit choices at the VMAs. They're not every person's slice of cake and I would understand that not everyone liked it. I do, though.

(Image courtesy of

But seriously, based on her clothes, you call her a WHORE? Do you even know what you're saying. What does that say about YOU as a person? Also, some people choose to be whores. And I don't mean that in a derogatory way. Some people are whores by profession. AND THAT DOESN'T MAKE THEM BAD. Also, by profession or not, if people choose to sleep with a number of people, that's their call. WHO ARE YOU TO SAY IT'S WRONG? Well, unless it's cheating. But don't call them whores. Don't use the word WHORE to insult people. It's the same thing as using the word GAY to insult people. YOU JUST DON'T KNOW SHIT about people's lives, and words are very powerful. NOT EVERYONE IS STRONG ENOUGH TO FIGHT AGAINST THE HATE AND NEGATIVITY. I mean, I've always said I was a prude - and thought I may never understand how some people could be all out, liberated like that, it doesn't mean what they're doing is wrong. Who am I to say it is. 

We abuse our freedom of speech way too much without even thinking about the message we spread. I mean, sure, not everything has to be taken seriously, but maybe try to be clear about that. BE A RESPONSIBLE HUMAN BEING. Your words could influence a lot of people. I know none of us are responsible for how people perceive our words, which is the tricky part - but these things have a bigger effect on people than we think.

Your freedom of speech is a huge responsibility.

This bullying and hate, they go hand in hand. Speaking out against people who clearly have done nothing to hurt others says a lot about the person you are. It only magnifies your flaws more than the rest of us. NO ONE IS PERFECT. If they haven't raped or murdered (people, animals, whatever applies), there really is no reason for you to SHARE YOUR NEGATIVE OPINIONS PUBLICLY. 

Isaksak mo sa baga mo 'yung right mo ng "Freedom of Speech" if you're going to keep using it as a shield to speak ill of people. Celebrity or not. I'm just so sick of it because it's all I see on the Internet these days. I mean, c'mon. You're from this Earth. YOU KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON IN OTHER COUNTRIES and it's not a joke, why would you want to spread more of that around? 

THE INTERNET IS OUR ONLY ESCAPE. From all this. Why would you want to contribute to tainting it, with what is supposed to be a better, happier place to hang out in. 

And I'm not talking about people who RANT. But jeez, RANTING is TOTALLY DIFFERENT from HATING. I rant about things I experience first-hand, not about the person who wore the wrong outfit at the wrong place, because I mean, how does that affect my existence as a Human Being?

And this thing about Kylie Jenner, I mean - you're not supposed to like her, but you gotta respect what she's trying to do, sharing stories of people who's experienced bullying, she's trying to be a voice for someone. People hated on her for wearing cornrows because she wasn't putting her popularity to good use, and now that she is, people are still talking shit. UGH.

And what's the deal with Mo Twister talking smack about Julia Baretto? Is this how people try to become relevant these days? I'm rolling my eyes, people. I'm rolling my eyes.

TANGINA just let people be. It's not like they're asking you to like them. What would you get out of it anyway? If you feel the need to put it out there, talk to a friend about it. Talk to someone you PERSONALLY KNOW about it. NOT THE INTERNET. That's what your real life friends are for. Don't corrupt everyone else's thoughts.

But then that's wishing and hoping for the impossible.


Friday's Ten Happy Things.04

My entry this week is SO late! But it's not out of laziness - I actually did not have time to blog, which is awesome for someone in my situation. YAY.

1. THIS TUB OF GELATO. I guess only people closest to me know how much I love (understatement) Gelato. Well, next to Dippin' Dots, that is. I found this in Danube and thought I'd give it a try because they sell a handful of Gelato flavors and brands. SO GLAD I did because this. is. the BEST.

2. IKEA WITH MAYA. As I mentioned in past posts, Maya is back for two weeks and I met with her this week. She wanted me to come with to Ikea since she's getting stuff for her apartment back home. So happy to be with her, and to be back in Ikea because I've successfully avoided it for nearly a year. I'm always on the lookout for the bed / bedframes because I'm obsessed with bedroom stuff. Kind of came out wrong? ... Or not, I'm an adult, there's nothing wrong with admitting that. What's so bad about liking bedroom stuff? Right? ... I mean, headboards, beds and stuff. Right? Also, definitely getting these lights to aid in make-up application. And selfies.

3. DINNER WITH MAYA. Of course, after we raid Ikea, we head to Tahlia, where we grabbed a few things (I always make sure we stop over Massimo Dutti and Zara, because I never leave Zara without a bag of something), and guess what, I didn't overspend the allowance Drew gave me MUAHAHA. But of course, given that we successfully kuriput-ed our way out of these stores (and Sephora), we were all out when it came to Dinner. And you already know where we stuffed our faces silly.

4. ZANESSA. A few months ago, it was 2008 all over again for me and my Twilight obsession returned, I watched all 5 movies EVERYDAY for weeks, no exaggeration. And then it lead to my obsession with RPattz and KStew being a real life couple, that eventually lead to slight depression over the fact that they broke up. But topping my list of these Hollywood Couples I've been deeply, deeply into is Zanessa. And you know how it sparked my cycle of obsession leading to depression. I AM NOT LOSING HOPE. I kept re-watching all 3 HSM installments and smiling like a teenager whenever they kissed and let most of their true feelings out in the open. There was so little acting involved with these two. UGH. I had to go through my HD back in '06 just so I could go through their photos again. Bittersweet, so bittersweet.

5. GRINGO. He's been extra cuddly and snuggly lately, so adorable. I captured this moment of him hugging me the other morning. He's actually sleeping next to me as I type this entry, half of my bum is sticking out of the computer chair just so we can fit. It's like this most nights when I'm in front of the computer. He's full of character, this one.

6. IMAGE COMICS. I've finished reading Private Eye and I'm blown away by it. The story is so intense, the ending so bitin, but in the right way, and I love it. And then there's Saga, which I think is my favorite of them all, so far. I've been putting off reading it because I don't deal with cliffhangers very well. Funny because I finished two volumes in one sitting, I tore through the thing like cray. Super thankful to Shinji for recommending them to me!

7. PESTO AND CHEESE ON TOAST. It's been a long time since I stuffed my face with my favorite spread on toast. Dammit. So good.

8. THE TONIGHT SHOW. Steve Harvey, Justin Timberlake and Ellen DeGeneres were guests this week and they blew my mind. Steve Harvey's always been one of my favorite guests on Talk Shows - he is pure joy. I laughcried during his guesting. And do I even need to explain why I love Justin Timberlake? But oh my gosh Ellen D. doing the Lip Sync battle, and those song choices, man. I have not laughed out loud that much in a long time watching Fallon.

9. I WENT FOR IT. I can't say what, but I did. I should do that more often.

10. THESE GUYS. Of course, they'll always be part of my list. I love them very much. Quality over Quantity ALWAYS.

Weekend's already over here in the MidEast, so to everyone else - make the most out of it. Be like me, stay in bed! Lelz.

Have fun, Kids!


Skincare, A Tita's Best Friend

It was early this year when my best friend Maya convinced me that splurging on Skincare products should now be a priority since we're at the age where skin becomes more sensitive, and more prone to react to the "Elements". 

I've always been a fan of Skincare products, but mostly for my body, not giving much attention to my face. Because of this, I started investing on Skincare Products for my face. Here's what I have :

Not pictured are my facial scrubs both from Neutrogena and Clean and Clear, the former used for night time, and the latter after waking up, as well as the Clinique Clarifying Lotion (which is a toner) that I put on twice a day (usually before applying the primer, and after removing my make-up, before applying the moisturizing gel or the Midnight Recovery Concentrate Oil, depending on what I think my skin needs before heading to bed). Also, Olive Oil - which I use to remove make-up.

Thought I'd include the products that I've been using for the past 5 years on my body, my favorite is of course the Amande line from L'Occitane, and this is their latest release. I usually get the Oil and Milk.

Except for the Stretch Marks Cream, I recently found out one stretch mark on each side of my bum and it scared me, so I immediately bought it to prevent future marks as well. I've lost weight and gained muscle in that area (and still working on it), preventative measures had to be taken.

Not pictured are my other must-haves, such as the Virgin Coconut Oil, Dead Sea Salt Scrub from a local brand in the MidEast.

Among these products, I've really wanted to try a local brand from the likes of Belo, because I've been putting off plans of visiting her clinic in Makati everytime I'm back home (I splurge all my money on food and clothes). But I figured, why not try the products first? Belo Beauty Products AVAILABLE HERE!

Will be sharing more products in the future, should I come across something I end up loving. I've been wanting to try this product from Foreo, called the Luna. I'm not sure if I could convince Drew to get me one, or I'll probably have to wait until I receive blessings on my bank account? Tee hee.

Read from Raleene that Argan Oil does wonders for your face, too. So there's another product I'm adding to my list, crossing my fingers that Josie Maran is available in Sephora Dubai. And of course, the gold of all Skincare products, and I'm definitely going to get my hands on them : La Prairie. I've been dreaming of owning tubs from this skincare line way back in College. 

Will definitely post reviews (I'm sure they'll be raves) in the future. I can't wait.


Friday's Ten Happy Things.03

1. MUSICAL OSTs. This week, it's all about RENT and HSM. And how can the songs from these musicals not be a pick-me-upper? Well, for about half of the tracks on Rent, that is. 

2. DIET ON HOLD. I started a protest against my own diet recently (just for a day other than my Cheat Day and it felt good). I cooked two packs of Kalamansi flavored Pancit Canton, drizzled it with Butter and topped it off with TJ Hotdogs. I REGRET NOTHING.

3. COKE FLOAT. Among other cravings I have satisfied. GIEF ME ALL TEH FOOD.

4. MAGIC MIKE XXL. It's probably the hormones. I wasn't this ecstatic after watching Magic Mike. But of course the second installment was a lot more daring than the first. And, well, Channing Tatum is Channing Tatum. You can't run out of reasons to love that man, but dammit MATT BOMER. Actually, I screamed at each of their performances. Joe, Donald, and how awesome is Twitch? He was my Mom's favorite (mine as well), when he was on SYTYCD. Not to mention, Amber Heard is in this. There's got to be a Woman to catch my attention. Couldn't help but wonder how the theaters cleaned out the seats after each screening.

5. LIFELINE. It's one of the apps that I was having second thoughts on buying, but after Ade posted an entry on his current favorite games, I gave it a try and didn't regret it. As expected, I was easily attached to Taylor. I'm tempted to play the game again so I could be in touch with her again (I just assumed Taylor is a girl), but I'm happy with how she ended up the first time I played, so I'll probably leave it at that.

6. THIS PARTY. We weren't complete, but it was still fun with these guys. Kind of bummed that the party ended early (at 2AM), but so happy that Basheer played a LOT of Hip Hop and R&B. I mean, my jams, Brah. My jams. Anyway, we don't have a decent photo, so here's a screencap of a Snap, by Nof obviously.

7. A COMPLIMENT. An upcoming local designer in the Middle East gave me a compliment during a fitting recently, saying that I look like a 90's Calvin Klein Ad. My life is made.

8. ANTM (CYCLE 22). This is by far the most interesting group of people to have lived together in the Model House. What I love most about it is, the models continue to shock me, personality-wise. And I mean that in a good way. You think this is just a show about models and modeling, right? But you end up learning a lot more than that.  Devyn is slowly becoming a favorite. But you know who I think is playing their cards right? LACEY. Girl is on-point during shoots, and doesn't create drama in the house. So far. Keeping my fingers crossed that it stays that way. My other favorites are Mikey, Ava and Mame. Maybe Justin too if he tries a different lewk on the next episode. But his body movement is amaaaaaze.

9. VELVET TEDDY. Finally. It's always unavailable whenever I try to get my hands on it. I've been wanting to buy Kinda Sexy too, but next time. Here's a raw photo of me wearing it, with sad Cat.

10. THE GROCERS. We have a chain of Grocery Stores here named DANUBE and it is the love of my life, primarily because it has a lot of imported goods. We get our slice of the good stuff thanks to it, because it has Ben & Jerry's and A&W Root Beer among other things. They also have a LOT of Organic products. Been awhile since we were last there. I was so happy because I was able to get my hands on a lot of foooooood. And my favorite, ASPARAGUS.

Delayed post because /food coma/ yesterday. Drew and I made Burgers, Baked Fries and, as you know - Coke Float.

Thank You Lord for the good food.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend, Kids. Heading out with Maya in a few hours, will try to get some shut-eye for a bit.

Praying for a productive and happy week ahead.