Friday's Ten Happy Things.05

Can I just say, I'm really thankful that my wifey Helga came up with something like this. I mean, I'm having a rough week, emotionally - but I feel compelled (in the best way) to think about the littlest, simplest (which is usually the best) of things that made me smile this week. Hope that more people who still blog like this would join us. 

1. THE MINDY PROJECT. I mean c'mon. Have you seen Season 4's Pilot? THAT IS HOW IT IS DONE, MY FRIENDS! And the best part is, I get to watch it on Tuesdays now. And Tuesday is my favorite day!

2. iOS 9 UPDATE. I didn't like the interface at first but it's growing on me, especially the font! I was hesitant to update right away but you know how I feel about those notifications. Ugh.

3. OTWOL. Because fudgedarnit, like do I even need to explain why? This week's episodes are all fire. I see James Reid's face and I just can't. I can't. I can't. It's bringing out the Teenager in me, but who am I kidding - I'm never not a Teenager.

4. MINDY FOR SHOPBOP. I mean, look at this Woman. How can you not love her. I fell in love with all the photos on the website, I immediately changed my old Mindy (phone) wallpaper to this :

5. ALLOWANCE! Drew threw me a bill today. SO HAPPY BECAUSE MY WALLET ISN'T EMPTY ANYMORE. /happy tears/

6. PIZZA FUSION. My intense, intense craving was put to rest when Drew gave in to my constant whining for a full hour that we get Pizza for Dinner even if it wasn't Cheat Day. I can be a total bitch when my stomach is in full control of my whole being. I don't care, the stomach wants what it wants. Look at this baby. Mmm. Yes. Get in my belly.

7. MY WORKOUT & DIET PROGRAM. Tailored for me by Drew, by the way, and it's really working! I'd post a photo of what I've achieved so far but probably next time when things are more visible. I can't not be proud of it, I've worked so hard.

8. A SONOGRAM OF MY GODDAUGHTER. One of my childhood best friends tweeted me a photo of her Sonogram and it's still one of the most surreal things ever. I'm so happy for us.

9. MERCURY RETROGRADE. I think I'm being sarcastic but it's also all about perspective! 3 Weeks of this? BRING IT ON! But wait, umm lemme gather my weapons first. This is going to be interesting. I shoved all my apps (except Instagram) into a corner, labelled "Sshhh" because I don't want to go on a rant-spree when things get too intense. My emotions are WAY cray. WAY. CRAY.

10. OVERCOMING A WAR. With myself, as usual. I was so close, but I slapped myself in the face. It's good, it's all good. Thank You, God.

Good things coming, you guys. Let's try our best to be as optimistic as possible. Enjoy the Weekend! Spread the love!

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  1. So excited to see photos of your workout and diet program... How I wish, I have the same discipline as yours when it comes to food! I work out but I really need to step up with the food that I put in my stomach. *The struggle is real*

    Karen of

    1. Wee! Thank you so much, Karen!!! <3 The struggle IS real, I have such a hard time controlling myself. I'm still learning!!! But we'll make it!!! If I can, I'm sure you can too! :)