Friday's Ten Happy Things.06

My gosh, can I apologize for how late this is? But I think you know - that's my charm. Similar to last week, mine was pretty rough, emotionally speaking. Roller Coaster, as usual. But alas, look at all the amazing things I was blessed with this past week. STOP BEING A WET BLANKET, ABBUDAB.

1. CAUGHT UP WITH THESE CLOWNS. I haven't seen them in months, so I placed my Introversion on pause, went and had a nice, simple dinner with them at Karlo's house, and then swam for an hour at the Compound pool. 

2. SWAM WITH THE GIRLS. I spent a day with my former colleagues / forever family at the Village and I made use of our GoPro for the first time in a Pool. I also got my Bronze back! Damn, I finally found the best Tan Deepener EVER. My tan never looked this good, I'm telling you.

3. HUNG OUT WITH THESE GUYS. See, Nof was craving for Sushi and asked us out to Dinner. But thanks to this guy (see left-most corner of photo below), who ended up too lazy to drag his ass out of bed, changed plans last minute and invited us over to his house and mind you, also asked us to bring food where we spent the rest of the evening until past midnight. We didn't end up having Sushi. But Pizza, 7amdiyat, M3sel and these faces are all I need in this life of sin. Lelz.

4. SMOKY PALETTE, FINALLY. I don't know how many times I've put off getting it. I don't, then I regret it. So when Drew threw me my allowance (he literally throws it to me, it's awesome), I used it to get me this baby. And I think this is all the eye make-up I need in the world. I'm a simple girl, really. The only make-up I do on my eyes is the Smoky lewk. It's been that way since College and I like it best on myself so I never really thought of trying anything else. I've experimented with pastels and corals and greens and blues, but nothing gets me like the Smoky. Smoky all day, all year. Even during Summer. I don't know why I keep buying a lot of them (Eyeshadows), when I end up getting the same hues and shades. All Brown. All Nude. All Black. But they're beautiful.

5. SHOOT WITH FAHAD AYYAD. If you're based in the Middle East, you must have already heard of this great, great, great Photographer. Ever since my friend Loji tagged me on one of his posts, I became an instant fan of his. Do check him out on Instagram (@fahadayyadphoto). It was a dream come true when he asked me to model for him. I CAN'T EVEN. Also, I was so happy seeing how my legs looked that day. Kind of a motivation for me to keep doing what I'm doing. Fahad and I both uploaded a couple of the photos on Instagram (wearing clothes from Acid Banana - @acid.banana) - I'm in love with all the photos he sent me, it was so hard trying not to flood. The struggle is real.

6. LUNCH WITH MY PEOPS. Yousuf (right-most on bottom-right photo below) has been a good friend of mine all these years. And thanks to him, most of our meet-ups wouldn't even happen. He treated us out to Lunch this week, including people I barely get to see (and miss and love), it was awesome. Not to mention, because Yousuf knows the best way to make my belly happy - PIZZA FUSION. 

7. BEST GEL POLISH ... EVER. I'm very maarte when it comes to my Nails. I hoard A LOT of Lacquers (recently I'm all about the Nudes and French Tips), and of course you know that GEL POLISH is a gift from the gods, but I never really found the one that lived up to its name, until this week. SAR 70.00 a pop, and deep down I was like "this better be worth it", and hot damn it is. Maya, if you're reading this - we found it, Baby! Hahaha!

8. NOF IN DUBAI. If you're on my Instagram/Twitter, you probably know who Nof is. We're basically Sisters. The fact that she was able to take a much-deserved break meant a great deal to me as well. I just wanted her out of Jeddah so she could have fun and laugh and smile the way she used to. Her happiness is mine, even if I wish I could've been with her, it's more than enough for me that she's having the time of her life. I made her a collage too! Do you see how hot she is? Say "MashaAllah!".

9. THIS PHOTO OF MINDY AND CHRIS. Like I even need to explain why? P E R F E C T.

10. THIS EPISODE OF OTWOL. And basically each episode this week. I love them so much. JaDine FOREVER!

Hope you had an amazing Weekend. Was planning to shoot a Video Blog for Sunday Currently but if I don't have time, I'll probably just publish an entry and shoot the Video Blog next time.

Hugging you.

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