Friday's Ten Happy Things.07

Grabe, this week. Okay na sana if it wasn't for ... Friday. But still publishing this entry anyway, because I'm still alive (yay). 

1. YUMMY IN MY TUMMY. A week won't pass by without food-related happiness. Maybe I'll let the photos speak for itself. We were actually supposed to have dinner at The Cheesecake Factory but had to wait an hour and ten minutes for a table? Texas, here we come.

2. APPLE MONEY. Finally got me that $50.00 iTunes card. Okay, Drew did. Haha! That's one thing off my list (see recent Sunday, Currently entry).

3. GELATO. Couldn't settle for one, so I got two! My friends told me to try the Sea Salt Caramel. Definitely getting that next time.

4. HIPSTAMATIC. As explained on a photo I just uploaded on Instagram, Hipstamatic has been a favorite app since 2009. I couldn't access anything, couldn't even log in to my account especially after switching phones but thankfully, after the recent update, I'm able to use it again, and even if I couldn't restore purchases, I had to buy most of the films, flashes and lenses again. I regret nothing.

5. THESE TWO. Muha asked for my help with filling out his application so we decided to hang out at the Village with Nof. And yes, those are Crocs.

6. EAR CANDY. Troye Sivan's "Wild" and Lana Del Ray's "Honeymoon" have been my jam these days. So happy I bought their albums. And then, and then, and then - my Tumblrfriends raved about Gambino covering Tamia's So Into You so I immediately checked it out and squirmed in my seat - it was so good, it made me uncomfortable, but in a good way.

7. CHOCOLATE. Duh. I bought me a half dozen (because everything's finished) of DD's because I'm a DD girl forever. And Drew made Brownies.

Focus Fail.

8. QUIET TIME. Drew and I are pretty simple people. We enjoy each other's company by having long, sometimes meaningless, but mostly ~*deep*~ conversations over (cliché) Coffee.

9. OLIVER + COLBERT. Need I say more? I was so psyched to see them in a single frame.

10. RECOVER...ING. From Food Poisoning! Ironically, both food and my body betrayed me this week, after I realized that the Eggs Benedict I joyfully stuffed in my mouf gave me the sickies. It was a day of hell. I have never been that sick, ever. Miraculously, I recovered in a day. Not fully - as I type this entry with slight fever, and my kalamnans still hurt like shit. Been asking for lots and lots and lots of back, arm, leg, foot, hand, head rubs from Drew. 

I'll probably still spend most of the next couple of days in bed. Nursing myself, and also the huge, disgusting pimple on my nose (by the way, also the first time I've had a zit THIS big, and THIS gross).

Prayers, please.

Ditz Revolution


  1. I hope you're all feeling better now, Abbie :)

    - Karen,