Friday's Ten Happy Things.09

I definitely had no intentions of writing this week's THT because the Sandman knows how terrible I've been feeling these days. He knows because I spent nearly the entire week in his arms. Forcibly. He's been asking me to give him space but I couldn't human. But yes, it's all about perspective. I can't help but be thankful and grateful as I should be for these the awesome things that happened this week.

1. CANNOT DISCLOSE. Let me start off by the biggest and one of the best things that happened to me this week, but can't say. I don't know what's the point of me mentioning it but I'd like to look back on this post one day and remember. And be thankful. Really thankful.

2. WE GOT WET. This, you probably already know if you've read my blog in the past week. I posted a Video Blog of me swimming with these clowns. I love these jerks.

3. NOF'S BIRTHDAY. I'm never the type of person who likes to plan things and work on surprises because that really isn't the type of person I am, I'm terrible at doing them, and I proved it by how terrible our supposed SURPRISE Birthday for Nof went. But alas, none of our efforts went to waste because even if she wasn't surprised (she didn't give us the chance to surprise her, there was NO CHANCE we could have succeeded), we had loads of fun. I still laugh to this day remembering it.

4. LUNCH AT TCF. Guys, I will never not be grateful whenever I get to sit my ass down on those comfy couches at TCF. I don't even order anything else. CHICKEN KATSU, ALWAYS. Every.Single.Time.

5. PINK CAMEL ISPAHAN CAKE. I got to taste the famous Pink Camel Ispahan Cake through my colleague who bought it as a birthday cake for a small party we threw at the Office and it has not left my mind since. I was so happy that the girls let me buy the cake for Nof. Not all of them liked it though (sadly), but the upside is they let me take home the remaining 3 slices (at the same time I also bought myself two large macarons while I was there). Guys, if you live in Jeddah, you've GOT TO TRY IT. IT IS THE BEST. I plan to buy myself a whole cake by the end of the month (see this post's Cover / Header Photo - that's the Macaron that I'm still saving in the fridge. I'll get it out the next time I'm drowning in feels). But also, this is the actual Birthday Cake for Nof. OH MY GOODNESS, SO GOOD.

6. ACID BANANA. Acid Banana finally put up some of the photos we shot with Fahad on their IG page. Their website will probably be finished soon - check it out every once in a while. They seriously have the dopest shit.

(photo by my favorite, Fahad Ayyad)

7. DISNEY PRINCESS. I'm going as one of my favorite Disney Princesses for Halloween. Hopefully I'll pull it off. I'm going to be sewing the costume myself. I had so much fun making my costume back in 2013 and I look forward to reliving the excitement again. And probably pricking myself from time to time.

8. DUNKIN' GIRL. Drew and I walked halfway to Sari and then took a cab to get me some Donuts at DD. Because as you all know, I'm a Dunkin' Girl forever.

9. CAULIFLOWER LASAGNA. I don't have a photo but Drew made THE BEST, HEALTHIEST LASAGNA I have ever tasted. I cried a bit after my first bite. I don't think I have to explain how much food makes me happy.

10. PURPLE. Let me leave it at that.

So yeah, my friends are helping me create a new beginning for my blogging life. Hopefully it works out well. 

Enjoy your Sunday, Kids.

Ditz Revolution



    And huhu what is that pink cake, what is it made of? I want.

    1. OMG WIFEY IT'S THE BEST! iCry. If only I could send you a box, I would talaga because something as good as this is meant to be shared! :( <3
      It's like a Macaron, so the crust has the same texture - crispy. Then it has a pastier Nutella filling, mixed with Raspberries. I'm weeping now as I type this.