Friday's Ten Happy Things.10

What a week, this week. I'm so happy, because everything's steady. Not very sine wave-ish. Thank you God. Okay, let me get started as I have a couple of posts lined up as drafts that I have to get to. 

1.) DREW'S LASAGNA. Last week he made it out of Cauliflower. This week we went with Traditional red sauce Lasagna and I wept because of how good it was. I couldn't even take a photo because I just wanted to stuff my mouth the moment I smelled the melted cheese. Thinking about it now makes me cry again.

2.) MINDY. Not just the latest ep (which was precious because IKE AND DANNY, ugh) but this photo of her that was posted by Sonia months ago - I'd just seen it the other day! Queen.

3.) MY FAVES INTERACTING ON TWITTER. Elon Musk and Aaron Paul? Then these three? GUYS. I can't. I mean I know this isn't the first time they've spoken in public like this, much to everyone's glee - but this is just too cute.

4.) DINNER WITH THE GIRLS. Supposedly the night we were meeting our friend Shoukry but we had transpo problems, we ended up having Wings (and Stings, LOL) and lots of laughter for Dinner.

5.) AFTERNOON WITH THE GIRLS. I haven't hung out with them like this in a long time so it was kind of refreshing to be in the company of these two. They're hella crazy. I'm the boring one in the group, obviously.

(Thanks for taking this photo, Nofati!)

6.) LAYLA'S GOURMET. Nof and I met Rai (after a year, LOL) at Layla's Gourmet, which Rai discovered recently. We had so much fun, we didn't even notice the time. Ambiance : 100%, Food : 75%, Company : Off the chain (also I kick it old school with the Percent-grading system).

7.) GREAT FIRST WEEK. One of the best things ever. Thank you, God!


9.) ADELE'S "HELLO". I mean. What a way to start the Weekend.

10.) OCTOBER 30. I know this'll sound confusing - but yesterday, I decided on a date. On the 30th of October, I "launch" my new and improved, next-level (Abbie Standards, so nothing major. LOL!) blog. I CANNOT WAIT.

I'll see you guys soon.
Happy Weekend!!

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    1. 7bbty how cute of you to be leaving me comments here. I love you! See you soon!!! TSUP TSUP AAAAH

  2. I'm excited to see the new look of Abbie's blog :)

    1. Me too!!! If only I could share it now!!!! Hehehe!!! I can't wait <3