I'm assuming this is the part where I bore you to sleep while I blabber about myself. Ugh, I would never do that.

Okay I lied. Where do you want me to begin? I'm assuming you just said, "Random! Say random things!", so I'm gonna go with that.

I like the occasional bus seat epiphanies I get every now and then. Also toilet epiphanies, and of course, everyone's favorite : bathtub epiphanies (where you make life decisions in the bath), its one of my favorite things about life : having eureka moments while basically "doing nothing".

I like to write. It sure is one of the reasons why I'm so motivated to put up my own site. I kept telling myself that all this hard work has to pay off, and I'm gonna make it worth it.

Sometimes I catch myself staring at my closet and wondering how I could let myself hog all the sale racks my eyes land on and come home with a number of bags in both arms. It always comes down to "What was I thinking?". So yes, its safe to say, you have met the asian Rebecca Bloomwood, and it blows.

I've always loved movies with beautiful, twisted endings. You know how Clint Eastwood does it? Yes. Twisted and Beautiful. But I think nothing haunts me like Darren Aronofsky's Black Swanwhich is my current obsession (okay who am I kidding, The Exorcism of Emily Rose made me take sleeping pills for a month).

2010 was the year I gained and lost. I married my boyfriend of 6 years on the 13th of March, and only two months later, lost my Mom after a year and three months of battling cervical cancer. 2010 was also the year I have fully committed to serving the Lord our God.

So what else is there to know? I guess I'll leave that to my entries. 

Or who knows. I'll probably edit this later and add more stuff. Because you know, I make a lot of sense. Huzzah.